Absolutely love this song and have been hearing it all over Italy! – March 28, 2013

The Best Driving Songs during our time in Italy – take a listen to these. – April 6, 2013

I See You – Jutty Ranx

Pompeii – Bastille

Fly Project – Musica

Max Gazze – Sotto Casa

Fun Croatian Songs!!! – September 27th, 2013

My favourite!!! Obozavam

Hajdemo Zajedno

Songs that make us think about SUMMER!!! – September 27th, 2013

Wake me up – Avicii





One thought on “Music”

  1. Hi guys, just checking out this blog, sounds/looks like u r having a great tme, im sure u r, it’s about a month now, sure u have settled in and prob forgotten about beautiful down town BERALA 2141… we just got back yesterday from the Cayman’s and DISNEYLAND, my sister’s wedding in the Cayman’s about 2 weeks and about 5days in LA and Disney,,
    I tell u guys now enjoy ur trip now without any kids hanging off u,, man travelling with kids is not really a holiday, it’s just a trip!! prob shouldnt say that,,, no it wasnt that bad when they were not crying for no reason,,and the plane trip im sure u may have wittnessed some high octane kids on any of ur flights or on ur travels,, have pitty for the parents,,,
    got home and got ur invitation for ur wedding,, loved the boarding pass,,i looked at the date at it’s only 48 days away,, hope all is ready, if by any chance that we could get there (if u have any ideas let me know) we would b there in a flash,,,mayb if I came by myself, OHHHH maybe better not,,,,Ivana would love that idea,,,
    We hope u have a wonderful time before the wedding and after, but more importantlly on ur wedding day, I/we truly wish we could b there with u guys, I know u will have a great time eating drinking dancing drinking drinking,
    Wishing u all the best upto the wedding,,and ill send another note before the big day,, enjoy!!!!!!!
    The SUTO gang……..

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