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6 cafes, 2 neighbourhoods, 48 hours in Melbourne

Anyone that knows me is fully aware that Melbourne is one of my favourite cities in Australia.  So much so, that Michael and I try to  head down to Melbourne at least 3 times per year.

Sunrise Flight to Melbourne

1 – 2 nights is enough to give you a bit of a teaser of what Melbourne has to offer. On weekends, our favourite things to do is to eat, travel and walk walk walk (even within Sydney itself). We are avid walkers and can get up to 30,000 steps per day! We find that It’s the best way to explore new areas and work off all of those scrumptious calories 🙂

I would say that our best experiences in Melbourne is when we visit the neighbourhoods. This weekend we decided to pick 2 neighbourhoods to explore. We headed north to Brunswick and north-east to Collingwood.

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After a Gap Year… What’s Next?!?!

Well, it’s almost been 3 years to the day when my fiancé (at the time) and I took off for our 1 year adventure across Europe and the US. I still remember that anxious feeling of packing everything I needed for 1 year in only 1 suitcase! It was a feeling of nerves and mostly excitement. I was off on an adventure with my husband-to-be in my favourite place in the world… Europe!

Needless to say, it was the best year of my life. We drove through Europe for 8 months which enabled us to explore the smaller cities which we never had a chance to earlier. We got married in Dubrovnik, Croatia with our family and friends by our side. We also spent 4 months in the US visiting my family and friends. What can I say, but this was the best time of my life and I have absolutely no regrets. We grew not only as individuals, but as a couple. From being thrown in stressful situations, being on a daily budget and sometimes being the only other person we could speak to when in remote areas. It was a trip of a lifetime and only made my thirst for travel that much larger!

Wedding Photo







It’s been 2 years since we came back to Sydney and to this day I feel that I am still transitioning back into “normal life.” We were both lucky enough to go back to the companies we previously worked for. This was a great boost as we had new job opportunities at companies we really enjoyed. This was definitely great for the bank account.

I am not going to lie, going back into the workforce after a gap year was a big transition. We had to wake up to an alarm clock again and we counted down the days to the weekends. It definitely had its ups and downs.  To help combat the downs we decided to follow a few tactics:

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M&M Engagement Party! February 16th, 2013

With a 12 month trip planned and just getting engaged, life has been good! We held our Engagement Party at Waterview Function Centre in bicentennial park. Michael and I go running around that area so it is special to us.

We wanted our Engagement Party to be very personal and thus had both Hawaiian andIMG_3130 Croatian elements to it. As our friends and family walked in to the venue, we “lei’d” them with an Aloha and Hawaiian music in the background. It was a memorable experience as I got to show a bit of where I am from. Throughout the night the DJ mixed up Hawaiian, Croatian and of course English music!

IMG_3148 IMG_3242
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