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The Old Bridge of Mostar

Heading into the countryside was a break from the party atmosphere of Hvar. We weren’t sure what to expect going to Bosnia. We got to the border with a car full of our belongings including a wedding dress, tennis racquets and roller blades which we had accumulated during our travels. We were apprehensive driving up to border control and hesitantly rolled down the window to be greeted by a young gentleman. The officer was in hysterics when he saw our car full of our belongings. He began laughing when he saw the Australian & American passports, and then proceeded to joke that we had a German car, were married in Croatia and now were driving into Bosnia.

We kept driving through normal roads without being able to find a highway. We arrived into Mostar and found a fairly new and quite nice apartment except for a dodgy step. We were warned about Bosnian builders taking shortcuts and found out first hand walking up the stairs of the apartment. Apparently there is one step that is higher than all the others and we both learnt the hard way. Running up the stairs with suitcases and thud, we both misjudged this one step and fell over. Bosnia 1, Traveller 0.


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