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The biggest Schnitzel in the World

Any guesses?!?! We found it in Vienna, by chance! It was our first night in Vienna, we found our apartment and headed straight out to dinner. We were staying in the 2nd District which is the Jewish Quarter. We headed over the bridge to the 1st district which is the Old Town and we were on a mission to get a Schnitzel. Having just spent 2.5 months in countries where food has been very reasonably priced (Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary) it was a shock to our system to see meals for a minimum of $10 Euros. This isn’t that much but when we were trying to find Schnitzels they were all priced around 15 Euros which would easily mean we were up for a 40 Euro meal tonight. We searched and searched for the perfect looking restaurant and the best description for a Schnitzel when we stumbled upon Figlmuller. They had a green sign on the street advertising the “Biggest Schnitzel in the World” and then we followed a cute little alleyway to find an intriguing restaurant with a large queue out the door. We waited patiently and thought that if there is a queue than this is the best option. Little did we know that this restaurant is so exclusive that you need a reservation to get in or the wait would be easily over 1 hour. To our surprise they actually opened up a 2nd restaurant only 60 metres down the block. So we headed there and were lucky enough to be seated straight away. The restaurant had a very cosy Austrian feel with dark wood furniture and brick vaulted ceilings. We both ordered the “original Schnitzel since 1905”, the Viennese potato salad with pumpkin seed oil and of course 2 large beers! Our food arrived and we were shocked to see that the schnitzel was actually so big that it hung off the plate. I looked at Michael and he was in heaven! I absolutely loved the potato salad and couldn’t get enough of the potato seed oil. It was sweet yet savoury all at the same time! This was definitely our best meal in Vienna and because we liked it so much we returned on our last night.

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