After the sad stories in Vukovar, we headed to Osijek to hopefully hear happier stories and find historical buildings and monuments intact. Osijek is currently the 5th largest city in Croatia. It is growing due to a mini tech boom with some leading technology companies in Croatia beginning in Osijek. It is also much easier to access for tourists with low cost airlines beginning to fly to the airport.


Our accommodation was a bed & breakfast in the heart of the Baroque old town. The 1st owner of the house was an Austro-Hungarian officer named Maximilian Riegl and the current owners are in the middle of renovations to keep the authenticity of the building but making it comfortable for guests.


Osijek is also known somewhat as a culinary region of Croatia. Being inland means that a lot of the dishes are meat based with the most famous delicacy from Osijek being kulen, a paprika flavoured sausage. The locals also make use of their surroundings when making food and as there are some very important waterways nearby, fish is also a staple in the region, especially on Friday’s when Croatians traditionally don’t eat meat. The dish below is called riblji paprikas, and is basically a fish stew with paprika seasoning. Quite a few of the dishes have paprika in them and that is due to the proximity of Osijek to Hungary.

IMG_1569 IMG_1410 IMG_1401 IMG_1402

Osijek also has some nice architecture with the cathedral of St Peter & St Paul visible from the main square. When we visited, there were preparations going on for a wedding with the bride & groom coming from England.

IMG_1551 IMG_1562

One more beautiful scene of Osijek is the Drava River which flows alongside the city. We would go for jogs on this river in the morning and at night and it was a beautiful way to end our time in Croatia.

IMG_1531 IMG_1530 IMG_1542 IMG_1394