Did someone say Beer Festival!!

On our way down to Istria, we stopped off again at Michael’s village to see the family one more time before continuing on our adventure. As this was our last time to see them for a while, it was a bit emotional. We had always been able to say we will see you soon but now was the end of the road for Croatia.

Our end in Karlovac coincided with the Karlovacki Dani Piva, which is the beer festival run by the local beer company. This is a huge event in the calendar of the locals and we were pleased to be going to try the beer and some food. Below are pictures of our food and drink and Michael’s family.

IMG_1287 IMG_1290 IMG_1293 IMG_1265 IMG_1264 IMG_1285


It sounds like a gastronomy tour of Karlovac as we also had time to bake a cake and make a quick dash to Zagreb to try one of my favourite pastas.

IMG_1302 IMG_1304


Finally we had to say goodbye and Michael’s cousin from Ozalj put on a lunch to say goodbye.