Honeymoon Hvar

One of the tough decisions when you are away for 12 months is choosing where to celebrate your honeymoon. After some deliberating, it didn’t take us long to decide on the island of Hvar. This island scattered in the middle of Dalmatia is famous for having some of the sunniest weather in Croatia and was to now become our official destination for the honeymoon.

We left our car in Split and caught the ferry over. Parking in Split can be hard to find but luckily we had a contact that has apartments in Split and gave us a parking spot for a few days.  We boarded the catamaran for the 1.5 hour trip from Split. There are boats that carry cars across but our guides showed that we could explore the island without a car. The ride was smooth and quick and before we could even plan what to do on the island, we were there. The island truly looked amazing but we were lost and couldn’t find which direction to head to our accommodation. We eventually got our bearings and began the climb up the hill to our accommodation. We continued to climb until you couldn’t climb no more and got to the top of the hill. It was worth it with the most amazing views of Hvar town and the neighboring islands.

IMG_0530 IMG_0579

The next day we booked a tour and headed out to some of the other parts of the island. We headed to a town called Milna which also had a beach and tourists as well as an old village where no one lives anymore, which is quite common in Croatia. We found a local winery and tried some Croatian Grand Cru which could give some of the Bordeaux reds a run for their money.


Our tour also took us to the highest point of Hvar and the 3rd highest point in Croatia called Sveti Nikola. The top of the mountain has a chapel and a stone cross. From here you could see the other islands in the distance as well as the mainland.


After all this travelling, we were in need of some food and we booked in for a traditional peka. A peka is a way of cooking in Croatia in an open fireplace for slow cooking. As you can see by the photos, we had enough food.


The tour took us to places we wouldn’t have otherwise been to. These are huts which locals built to stay in while working out in the fields.


Our next day began the same, with another tour. We decided to head to a town called Jelsa and catch a ferry to Bol on the neighbouring island of Brac. It was an early start and the bus trip was on time. We walked around Jelsa but as it was early, not much was open except for the cafes. We got a coffee and boarded the ferry for the 1 hour trip to Bol. We sat at the top of the ferry and there was not much protection from falling over, but the ride was pretty calm.


We arrived in Bol and headed to the stunning Zlatni Rat beach, This beach is world famous and is known as the golden cape due to its shape. We hired some sun chairs and umbrella and relaxed for the remainder of the day.


The following day and another tour. This time we headed to the local Pakleni Islands. These islands are visible from Hvar. The tour took us to a lagoon where we jumped off the boat into warm shallow waters. We headed to the other side of the island before lunch on the boat. We finished on a secluded beach with a bottle of water and bottle of wine.

IMG_1001 IMG_0996

One thing that the locals are very good at is sitting around and having coffee. We found this cute little cafe with amazing pastries that locals and tourists knew about. It was often hard to find a seat.

IMG_1031 IMG_1015

We were due to head back to Split but extended our trip to run the Hvar Half Marathon. We had been keeping pretty fit for the wedding and thought this would be an ideal way to complete our honeymoon. We began training but the over consumption of food and drink really affected me with my running becoming slower and slower in the summer heat. Our decision to skip the run was directly due to my poor form and so we continued the remaining days enjoying Hvar.


After a week on the island, we finished our time here and caught the catamaran back to Split. What a wonderful time at amazing Sunny Hvar.

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