Adventure road trip from Munich to Dubrovnik with my parents and Victor :)

Map for Blog - Munich to DubrovnikI was so excited for this day to come and have been planning it for months! My Dad and Tammy (stepmom) were flying into Munich and were going to see a bit of Europe on our way down to Dubrovnik for our wedding!


Thursday, July 4th

They flew into Munich airport with all smiles EXCEPT for the fact that their luggage didn’t make it! They were promised their luggage the following day so we were all still in high spirits. Our friend Kai was kind enough to open up his apartment to 2 more guests (my parents). So we just had to run past Ikea for a few bedding needs. Sadly, my parent’s first meal in Europe ended up being Ikea Swedish meatballs! Haha Later that night we did take them to Vapiano’s as it has become our favourite “go-to” place when we have no idea what to eat.

Friday, July 5th


The next day we surprised my parents and took them not only to the BMW Welt (World), but we scheduled us into a plant tour where we got to see the creation of a car from start to finish. As they own a few BMW’s at home in the States, this was one of their highlights! We weren’t allowed to take photos inside the plant tour, however we managed to get some shots in the BMW showroom and Museum. Check them out below!

IMG_9622 IMG_9617 IMG_9614 IMG_9596 IMG_8944 IMG_8936 IMG_8933 IMG_8927 IMG_8921 IMG_8915 IMG_8898




























Later that night, my friend Nicole invited us over to her house for dinner. I originally met Nicole in 2005 in Glasgow, Scotland where we both studied abroad. It was so great to see her and meet her partner Nick.

IMG_9637 IMG_9636 IMG_9630 IMG_9628 IMG_9625 IMG_9623

Saturday, July 6th

The following day, we made our way back to the Munich airport to attempt to retrieve their bags as we were off to Ljubljana that night. After a few hours we managed to get their luggage and we were off on our adventure. Poor Victor (our car) was completely packed to the brim, but I am sure he enjoyed it!

IMG_9638 IMG_9639

Our first stop was Salzburg for dinner. Driving into Salzburg was like a fairy tale. We could see the castle on top of the cliff and the beautiful homes, shops, cafes and restaurants below. This was a picture perfect city! We stopped here for a few hours to walk around a bit and have dinner. We didn’t get to stay long however as we were off to Ljubljana, Slovenia for the night!

IMG_8955 IMG_8954






We found this really hip and trendy apartment on AirBnB right in the old Town of Ljubljana. We couldn’t have asked for a better location.

IMG_8968 IMG_8964 IMG_8972

Sunday, July 7th

As the wedding was only 5 days away, I was super motivated to work out and eat well, so my Dad and I were off to the park for a good run 🙂 Tammy loved the cute alleyways and did a bit of shopping and also found a cute little café where she had a nice coffee. Michael, being a good boy as he is, stayed back to plan a bit of the wedding. We found a free walking tour around Ljubljana on the internet and decided that it would be a good idea to learn a bit about the history of this beautiful city. The tour lasted for nearly 2.5 hours and gave us a great overview of the city. They talked about when Slovenia was part of Yugoslavia as well as how they separated to form their own country. It was a great tour that we would highly recommend!

IMG_9646 IMG_9645 IMG_9641 IMG_9006









IMG_8988 IMG_8985 IMG_8983 IMG_8980















I had planned a bit of a surprise for my parents that night and booked us into a guided tour of the Ljubljana castle that night. It was a bit of an uphill walk to get to the castle, but it did get the blood flowing! Haha. We reached the tour guide and were provided a private tour where we went around both the inside and outside of the castle. We managed to see the individual prison cells with no windows, the original entrance into the castle which has changed and we also climbed the tower. We finished the tour with a glass of champagne and a sunset at the highest point of the castle. This was one of my favourite memories of the entire trip 🙂

IMG_9013 IMG_9018 IMG_9019 IMG_9044 IMG_9045 IMG_9047 IMG_9049 IMG_9052 IMG_9057 IMG_9656 IMG_9657 IMG_9661 IMG_9662 IMG_9663         IMG_9674




We made our way back down the castle hill and found a cute Mexican restaurant where we enjoyed some burritos. Not your typical Slovenian food, but it was pretty good!



Monday, July 8th

It was our last day in Ljubljana as we were making our way to Zagreb, Croatia that day. We started the day with an Insanity workout and then packed the car and made our way out of Slovenia to Croatia. We were sad to leave Ljubljana as it is such a beautiful quaint city with so much to offer. We hope to be back some day.



We used AirBnB again to book our Zagreb accommodation which was just perfect as we were so close to the main square of Trg Ban Jelacic. My friends Erin and Justin were also in Zagreb at the same time, so we managed to catch up for a drink before they headed on their bus down to Plitvice.

IMG_9679 IMG_9677

I was then off to the hair salon to get my hair fixed up before the wedding while Michael, his Dad and my parents walked around Zagreb for a bit.

Afterwards, we went to Trg Cvijetni (Flower Square) and found a nice restaurant to have some dinner. It took a while to find a café/restaurant that actually serves food as a lot of the establishments only serve drinks. We started to notice that the locals don’t seem to eat out and instead go for a drink or two and sit for hours. We quickly saw another group of people who were eating at the same restaurant as us and realised that they were tourists. The other people surrounding us were all locals with only drinks in hand. Perhaps that explains why Croatians have great figures!!!

IMG_9693 IMG_9691 IMG_9690 IMG_9686 IMG_9683

Tuesday, July 9th

I was only 3 days away from the wedding so of course, being determined, My Dad and I did an insanity workout to kick start the day. We then walked around the city for a bit, packed up our car and headed off to Split, Croatia for the night. Our apartment in Split was again very close to Diocletian’s Palace where the restaurants, cafes and bars were located. My friends Erin and Justin, Michael’s Dad and his best friend, Michael, were meeting us for dinner that night. We had a lovely time and continued on for a bit at a nearby club. This really felt like the beginning of the wedding festivities!!

IMG_9712 IMG_9711IMG_9718 IMG_9715 IMG_9714 IMG_9709

Wednesday, July 10th

The 4 of us (Dad, Tammy, Michael and I) went for a nice run along the Riva of Split and met up with Nikola Hadusek and Michael for breakfast along the Riva. We were all headed to the airport that afternoon to welcome my Mom, Terry (Stepdad), Kristy and Andrew who were flying into Split airport. We had 3 cars and 10 people driving down from Split to Dubrovnik. It took 4 – 5 hours but it was so much fun as we were all together driving through Croatia. Not in my wildest dreams would I have ever imagined having our families together in Croatia…. It was just a dream come true! These photos are from our road trip…..

IMG_9722 IMG_9720

We checked into our Villa in Cavtat where Michael’s sister, Lydia and Kai joined us. We almost had a full house as a few more guests would be coming the next day. We ordered some pizzas and salads and got to know each other as the two sides of our families were joined that day 🙂

IMG_0024 IMG_0019


Thursday, July 11th

IMG_9727 It was the day before the wedding!!! Of course we started it off with doing an Insanity workout, but this time we had more people to join us!!! It was Kristy, Andrew, Dad and I and we rocked it! I think we might have woken up other people in the house with our high jumps, grunts and kicks.


The group then headed to Dubrovnik on a 1 hour ferry from Cavtat. Michael stayed home to organise some wedding matters and other guests arriving. The ferry on the way to Dubrovnik was so beautiful as the water was so clear and the view was breathtaking.


IMG_9114 IMG_9115IMG_9107 IMG_9111 IMG_9128

We made it to Dubrovnik and organised a few optional activities for people with plans to meet up for lunch at 1pm. We managed to find a restaurant which could accommodate all of us where we had a wonderful lunch together. After lunch, some people stayed in Dubrovnik and others went back to the Villa. It was the night before the wedding so I wanted to make sure I got my beauty sleep. Almost all of the guests arrived, the Villa was full and the big day was about to come!!!!!

IMG_9737 IMG_9736 IMG_9735 IMG_9734 IMG_9733 IMG_9732 IMG_9731 IMG_9728

The Wedding Blog is next ……….  🙂

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