The home of the little sausage

When you say the word Frankfurt, you automatically assume I am talking about a sausage. But no, I am actually talking about the next city we headed to which is Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany. We drove from Amsterdam in the Netherlands and so thought Frankfurt would be a nice destination to stop for 1 night on our way further south. Our knowledge of Frankfurt is of the airport only, being a hub that both Meagan and I have passed through on many occasions. We never got the chance to leave the airport and discover this city.


We came into the city in the early evening and booked a hotel a few kilometres away from the centre. This area of Frankfurt is up and coming, with empty land or new buildings surrounding our hotel. We weren’t sure if it was the best area to stay in so we ventured out to see where we could go. Eventually, we made our way to the centre of Frankfurt and what surprised us was this seemed different to the other cities we have researched in Germany. The city seemed to have many high rise buildings made from glass. The city reminded us of a busy CBD but as we were there at night, many of the shops and cafes were closed. We enjoyed our walk so much that we decided to walk some more and to look at some of the houses close to the city. We didn’t realise the time and it began to get dark. We were now lost in Frankfurt with no idea of how to get back to our hotel. We managed to follow some landmarks we had seen earlier in the night but this just made matters worse as now we walked straight into the red light district of Frankfurt. There were women ready to go to work and pimps out in force. We also came across some shady characters who I bet were potential customers. After this encounter, we walked a bit faster and could see our hotel from a distance. Our hopes were raised until we walked into a restricted government area and were questioned by security. After realising we did not speak German, they helped us out and got us to our hotel. What a relief.

Our Hotel on the outskirts of town

The next morning we decided to do a tour of the city before leaving. We headed back into the city to meet our guide. As you would expect in a German city, Frankfurt was heavily bombed during World War 2, with the cathedral the only real standing building left after the war. As sad as this is, what is more disturbing is that after the war, when all other German cities were rebuilt to there former appearance, Frankfurt was built completely new and different to what it looked like before. This is something which is controversial at the moment and there are many projects currently in place to reconstruct parts of the city like they used to look like before World War 2.


 Below are some pictures of the sights of the tour. Firstly is the outside and inside of the cathedral of St Bartholomew. This building was constructed in the 14th or 15th century and was one of the buildings which remained after World War 2.



The second picture is of Romer, or the city hall. It was damaged during the war and had to be rebuilt. The square is called Romerberg square after the city hall.



After the tour, we had to leave to Munich. We had a brief visit of Frankfurt and really enjoyed our time here. Many Germans think of Frankfurt as a big hub for European banking and very different to the other cities of Germany but we loved the atmosphere and the high rise buildings and would love to come back to this city again. Oh, and the title about the sausage. I had to try a frankfurt while I was here, but I don’t know what the sauce was. It was fairly good although Meagan was looking for something slightly healthier.


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