Croatia Game

So we managed to make it up the coast of Croatia and avoid the further snow that had hit Croatia. But there was one extra thing that was happening and that was a soccer game involving Croatia and Serbia. After I found out tickets were sold out, I couldn’t go to the game but I didn’t want to be in Italy for one of the biggest games in our history. So I hatched a plan to stay an extra night. Meagan agreed, as long as she could do a bit of shopping in Italy. It was a small price to pay.

So we stayed in a little seaside town in the Istra region of Croatia called Lovran.

IMG_1907 IMG_1908 IMG_1917

It is a quiet little coastal town with just over 3,000 people. It was once an important shipbuilding centre but eventually came to prominence as a fashionable resort town. We spent the day at another seaside town called Opatija which is a bit more populated and had a few more attractions. We enjoyed the sunshine and the peaceful surroundings.

So the clock was counting down to the game so we got back to the hotel and freshened up before the game. We finally made it to a pub and sat down for dinner, which consisted of a cevapcici sandwich and beer. Yumm!! IMG_4007

IMG_4005The game began, and I was excited I am not sure how Meagan felt but she got into it and was cheering for the right team. After 90 minutes and a few too many beers, the result was 2-0 to Croatia and I was happy. Our trip in Croatia came to an end (for the meantime) and we were off to Italy the next day so to bed it was.

Oh, and finally before I forget, anyone coming to Croatia wanting to order a hot chocolate be warned. Hot chocolate actually means melted “hot chocolate”, as Meagan found out. Cocoa is what you should be asking for if you want the traditional hot chocolate you get in Western countries.   IMG_4008

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  1. Hey you two–I just got around to reading your blog and it’s generating lots of great memories for me. We’ve actually been to Split and Opatija back in ’88 when we were based in Frankfurt. We stayed at a tourist town in Portorose. We rented a car and went to the Plitvice lakes (which you HAVE to go to) and I remember the really bad roads! it took us HOURS to get there. Split looks the same as when we were there–very beautiful! Have a great adventure!

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