M&M Engagement Party! February 16th, 2013

With a 12 month trip planned and just getting engaged, life has been good! We held our Engagement Party at Waterview Function Centre in bicentennial park. Michael and I go running around that area so it is special to us.

We wanted our Engagement Party to be very personal and thus had both Hawaiian andIMG_3130 Croatian elements to it. As our friends and family walked in to the venue, we “lei’d” them with an Aloha and Hawaiian music in the background. It was a memorable experience as I got to show a bit of where I am from. Throughout the night the DJ mixed up Hawaiian, Croatian and of course English music!

IMG_3148 IMG_3242

We had a yummy main meal buffet as well as a delicious dessert buffet! We were going to get a proper “wedding cake” but decided that we wanted our favourite baked ricotta cheesecake and opted for 3 different types of cakes from one of our favourite patisserie’s. Such a good idea as it provided everyone a few options. Michael’s Kuma (God Mother) also made delicious Croatian cakes to add to the dessert buffet!

IMG_3274 IMG_3275 IMG_3279 IMG_3280



Then it was time for Michael to do his speech. He prepared and prepared for it and knew that when 9pm hit, it was showtime! He talked a bit about my past and where in America I was from. He then went onto how we met and how he proposed. He is such a great speaker and made the room laugh and tear up 🙂 I also prepared a picture slideshow through IMovie and played it throughout the night. It showed pictures of Michael and I through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the pivotal moment of when I met the man of my dreams. It was so much fun looking back at our lives with family and friends.

IMG_3240 IMG_3247 IMG_3249 IMG_3255 IMG_3264 IMG_3244 IMG_3250 IMG_3239

Overall, it was a successful night! I think everyone enjoyed themselves, I know we did 🙂 So for those that attended, Thank you for making our night special! For those that couldn’t come, I have added some photos for your viewing pleasure. Hope to catch up soon!





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  1. Thanks for having us, we had a great night, and we wish you both a wonderful life filled with love and happiness.

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